Ancient Greek Warfare

Ancient Greek warfare was the most critical component of all Greek city-states during the Classical period. Indeed, in a brief period, the ancient Greeks were able to develop and build a great navy, which enabled them to become one of the first great powers on earth. In fact, from the ancient Greek's, we get the idea of the Roman sea-farer and his helmet, as well as the concept of the two-handed sword.

The ancient Greeks had more than one way to win a fight, and they were quite good at it because they had been engaging in war with one another for over a thousand years already. It was only natural that they would have excellent skills in warfare. One of the most important inventions of the ancient Greeks was the trampoline. The trampoline has actually been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians.

It was used by the ancient Greeks and then later on by the Romans and still later on by the Chinese. Of course, you cannot talk about ancient Greece without mentioning the chariot. The chariot is probably the most famous vehicle that the ancient Greeks used, especially during the campaigns they fought against their fellow countrymen. Another great invention of the ancient Greeks was the use of the sledge.

Sledgehammers were actually invented by the ancient Greeks, and they are best known for being used in the war against the Persians. The sledge is a piece of equipment with both a hammer and a shovel attached to the same one, enabling you to quickly move mountains and other such obstacles without much difficulty. This makes the ancient Greek civilization quite popular to this day.

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