Snipers Love These Rifles

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A sniper rifle aims to destroy targets at a long distance with as little ammo as possible, much ideally one shot. Even though it can take extensive, intensive training in becoming a good sniper, the sniper motto "One shot, one kill" wouldn't be possible without the rifles made especially for this task. Experienced and active snipers may have been trained in using a wide range of weapons and know that will best suit the job.

Following are the top 10 best Army sniper rifles of all time. 10. L42 Enfield British - That Is a bolt action rifle, a magazine-fed sniper rifle designed in 1895 and published for use by the British military in the twentieth century. The original model was made with back-mounted lugs making the shutter release handle closer to the operator, over the trigger, to operate faster than the traditional design. The Lee-Enfield line of rifles is the second oldest bolt action rifle design still in service, secondary only to Mosin-Nagant. SR-25 American - SR-25 Is a semi-automatic with a rotating bolt made by Knights Armament company America.

Just as much as 60 percent of the parts are interchangeable with the AR-15 along with M1. This includes everything, but the upper and lower receivers, the hammer, the barrel assembly, and the bolt carrier group. The 24 inches barrel is freely floating, so handguards are attached to the front of the receiver that doesn't touch the barrel. The designer was Eugene Stoner. This rifle has been utilized since 1990 and was utilized in the Iraq War, Afghanistan War, along with the East Timor crisis of 2006.8. AS50 British - This fifty-caliber sniper rifle, developed by the renowned British company Accuracy International Ltd, made its debut in 2005 from the United States at the ShotShow-2005.

The AS50 provides extremely accurate rapid aimed fire in a long-range. The rifle is built around a gas-operated, semi-automatic action. The two-part receiver is machined from top-quality steel, and the barrel is free-floated along with fitted with a muzzle brake. The detachable stock has a recoil-reducing butt pad and folding rear grip, which also serves as a rear support leg. The folding detachable bipod with flexible legs is standard. There's an integral rail for mounting optical sights. This weapon is popular for high precision, incendiary ammo, and since it can fire five shots in only 1.6 seconds. The lightweight of this rifle also makes it very portable. M24 American - This is the military along with the police version of the Remington Model 700 rifle. M24 is the US Army's model name after adoption as their standard sniper rifle in 1988.

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