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Updated: Mar 1

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Probably the most thrilling job out in the industry today is video game designing. Most have the impression that it'd take a lot of time and skills to achieve this. Well, reality check, people. It does not! One misconception from business outsiders is a trainee shows up at work and plays Skyrim for per hour, then moves on Starcraft II for a few hours, and after that plays Angry Birds Space for the remainder of the afternoon.

They are frequently asked if do all you do is play video games all day. Not quite. A tester may play with the same Nintendo 3DS game for six months straight. Throw in crunch time, and those six months now comprises a six or seven day work week, 12+ hours with a day, on precisely the same game. Therefore you're most likely wondering precisely what they do with all that time sitting in the QA section. A game tester's primary purpose is to play with a match and find where it does not work or be presented as intended by the game developers.

All video game design, animation, art, audio, or programming are vulnerable to bugs. These shortcomings are due to programmer oversights or carelessness and fatigue. Once found, the tester should then report the problem to the programmer so it might be adjusted. When the programmer has confirmed the bug i000s fixed, the programmer should precisely attempt to reproduce the bug on a game version of the game to verify it no longer occurs. Towards precisely the end of a project, some games may have over 10,000 bugs found by the QA department.

What about the not-so-obvious components? For instance, with a first-person shooter, who determines how many shots a gun will hold? Or how strong each round will be? Or the rate of fire? Or reload time? Who causes precisely the red door to open once the red key is used in an adventure game? In an RPG, who sets up the ability of trees and economics? Last of all, and most importantly, who is responsible for making the game fun to play? Relax, your intellect is not being insulted, but what you are going to see is the Game Design role is probably the most diverse in the industry.

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