Donkey Kong Evolution

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Donkey Kong is an ancient series of arcade games based on the adventures of an African wild dog named Donkey Kong. The original arcade game was created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and featured a gorilla named Donkey Kong. The franchise generally consists of two main game genres, with the latter developing more spin-offs of various genres.

One of the Donkey Kong games that can be enjoyed on the Nintendo Wii includes the "Donkey Kong Tropical Resort" game, which is very similar to the older Donkey Kong theme. However, it does feature new elements that make the game more appealing to current players. This game involves a plot involving a group of monkeys (referred to as the Kong Family) who are attempting to rescue their captured friend Donkey Kong (aka Donkers) from the evil boss Kinkaid's clutches. Kinkaid is after Donkey Kong because he intends to steal the Chaos Crystal, a powerful gem that holds immense power. After taking the treasure out of Donkey Kong's inventory, he plans to use it for himself by unleashing a powerful meteor strike.

However, the Kong family and their faithful animal friends must defeat Donkers and his five closest allies, including a spider, a bat, a lion, and a turtle, to save Donkey Kong. This game starts with Donkey Kong & his faithful animal friends being attacked by Kinkaid, who uses his magic spell to trap them within a castle. This castle, known as the Outback, is the primary setting of the Donkey Kong and the first game in the series, Donkey Kong and the Kong Family.

The game starts with DK and his friends following a trail of dead bodies to the jungle area where they encounter a few natives who quickly kills the group. The locals seem exceptionally cruel and ruthless and get revenge on the Westerners for stealing their gold. However, the group manages to get away, and DK lands a decisive blow on Kinkaid, who falls into a pitfall.

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