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Online video game live streaming is a phenomenon where individuals record themselves playing video games in a live room environment online. It gained popularity in the late-2010s in US-based websites like twitch and later, YouTube, Facebook, China-based sites Huya Live and TencentiQi, and other international services like VuZhu, YouTube, Video streamed from many gaming-related websites. Many websites have emerged to make this even easier by providing easy ways of live streaming video for users around the globe to watch.

One of the first and most important things that should be noted about these websites' proliferation is that many amateur gamers and streamers also find it an excellent way to promote their websites. This is because video streams are often promoted through personal profiles with their associates in various social networking platforms. In professional gamers, this is often the case, especially with significant tournaments and leagues such as the World Series of Poker or the Electronic Gaming Tournament, or the International StarCraft 2 League. This is because streaming videos can be viewed by thousands of spectators almost instantly.

The significant advantage for streamers and gamers is that they get to make more money, and they can also show their skills to a broader audience. Professional gamers and streamers are increasingly becoming famous in their own right, although they are just ordinary gamers doing stream shows in front of a friendly audience. Many people view them as role models, especially those who pursue an online career and maintain their passion for gaming, among other things.

Many businesses are recognizing this potential and are now trying to tap into it through streaming services. There are already numerous examples of companies using this strategy to advertise their products and services and gain a solid foothold online. As more realize the potential of the internet as a marketing tool, the field of competitive gaming will become even more vibrant and prosperous in no time at all.

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