Kids Online Safety

Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

There are many online safety rules to keep children safe when they are online. These rules are aimed primarily at preteens, at least, from being victimized by predators who prey on children who have young minds and open hearts. Proper online usage rules differ by age, maturity, and family dynamics.

Many parents, especially moms, have different opinions about how to stay safe on the internet. Some believe that all you have to do is block unwanted sites and never give out personal information such as a user name or address. Others believe in the adage: don't let a single parent make the internet safety rules. No single parent should complete the online safety tips or regulations because every single one is for individual kids.

One thing moms and dads can agree on is to make sure that their kids are not on game boards when they are supposed to be doing homework or studying, even though boys are more at risk than girls. Some game boards are dangerous, mostly when children are left alone on them after hours, even for a few minutes. You can buy games specifically made for young people to play online instead of playing violent games on game boards that might lead to nightmares. You can also buy games online with puzzles, crosswords, or even brain teasers to keep them occupied.

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