Overcoming Negative Influences

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The use of social media sites as a platform to overcome negative influences in young people's lives has recently been highlighted. The increasing impact of such media in our everyday lives is that teenagers today are more technologically savvy and obsessed with technology. One way that teenagers can overcome their reliance on social media sites is to learn how to filter out what they are reading and filter out what they are posting.

Another way in which teenagers can use social networking sites to overcome the influence is to take time out to share their thoughts or to participate in forums. Teens need to understand that they need to be self-aware of what they say online, especially when expressing themselves through social media sites. Today, more teenagers are finding themselves becoming obsessed with video games and other computer games.

Many adolescents spend a large amount of their time playing online games and participating in chat rooms dedicated to role playing games. Social media use is often used to overcome negative influences in young people's lives and to participate in online communities that may not be formed around shared interests. The most successful strategies for overcoming adverse effects in teenagers' lives revolve around external and internal sources. External sources include:

  • Peer pressure.

  • Negative influences from friends and family.

  • The use of electronic devices may be considered dangerous to the health.

Teenagers can also overcome negative influences by making physical activity behaviors a part of their day. Exercising on a daily basis will allow teenagers to develop healthy interaction skills that will help them overcome the effects of other people. Also, by making exercise a regular part of their activities, teenagers are showing commitment to improving their overall health.

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