Social Media Addiction

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Problematic social media usage, also called social media addiction, is described as chronic, disturbing, or overwhelming use of various types of online social media systems, such as MySpace, Facebook, or other instant social networks for self-promotion, self-marketing, or entertainment purposes. A variety of factors fuel this increasing trend toward social media addiction. Most notably, many people addicted to social media systems spend so much time on their accounts that they may become isolated from friends and family. Moreover, they may develop an intense need for social interaction, causing them to participate in activities that would not be of interest to a traditional "work" schedule individual. As a result, they can lose employment opportunities, alienate family members, and sometimes even cause themselves physical harm.

When someone who suffers from social media addiction becomes so dependent on their activities that they cannot go any day without logging on to their various accounts, it is easy to see how this habit could lead to severe anxiety, severe depression, and even thoughts of suicide. To stop someone from becoming so isolated and depressed that they end up hurting themselves or others, help should be sought. Those with addiction who do not receive professional service to combat their anxiety will usually feel like they cannot leave their addiction behind. As a result, they remain trapped within their MySpace or Facebook accounts day after day, year after year.

To avoid feeling like this, check social media addiction: The key to stopping social media addiction is to enforce restrictions upon the time spent on these social media outlets, such as logging off at certain times or logging in from specific locations. Besides, suppose the user finds themselves logging in from an area that is unfamiliar to them. In that case, they should ensure that they have the user's email or contact information available to determine where they are logging in from. Limiting the amount of time that a person spends on their social media accounts can significantly reduce the amount of time spent logging in daily. In addition to having restriction settings in place, it may also be wise to use social media alarms, which allow a user to receive an instant notification when they exceed the amount of time spent on one of their accounts.

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